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ACS Fall 2021: Oral Presentation by Alice Capecchi

Don't miss the talk from Alice Capecchi at the ACS Fall 2021 meeting! It will take place on 23 August (Tomorrow Evening!) in a virtual room: [CINF] Division of Chemical Information Zoom Room 03. You can find the program here: https://acs.

Poster presentation in the Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2021

Our group member Xingguang Cai will give a poster presentation in Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2021 on 19 August! For more information about this conference check: Enter the poster sessions directly: View

Congratulations Philippe!

Congratulations to our former group member Dr. Philippe Schwaller, who currently works as postdoctoral researcher at IBM Research Europe, to his appointment to the EPFL as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the School of Basic Sciences!

Machine learning designs non-hemolytic antimicrobial peptides

The research article "Machine Learning Designs Non-Hemolytic Antimicrobial Peptides" just got published in Chemical Science! Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) offer a unique opportunity to address antibiotic resistance, which is one of the major global public health threats. Most AMPs are membrane disruptive amphiphiles,

Predicting Enzymatic Reactions with a Molecular Transformer

The research article "Predicting Enzymatic Reactions with a Molecular Transformer" just got published in Chemical Science! The use of enzymes for organic synthesis allows for simplified, more economical and selective synthetic routes not accessible to conventional reagents. However, predicting whether a particular