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Predicting Enzymatic Reactions with a Molecular Transformer

The research article "Predicting Enzymatic Reactions with a Molecular Transformer" just got published in Chemical Science! The use of enzymes for organic synthesis allows for simplified, more economical and selective synthetic routes not accessible to conventional reagents. However, predicting whether a particular

Prediction of chemical reaction yields using deep learning

The research article "Prediction of chemical reaction yields using deep learning" was recently published in Machine Learning: Science and Technology. Artificial intelligence is driving one of the most important revolutions in organic chemistry. Multiple platforms, including tools for reaction prediction and synthesis

SYNFACTS selected article!

Our research article regarding discovery of a novel and selective Janus Kinase inhibitor was selected by the editorial board of SYNFACTS for its important insights into chemical synthesis! The full article can be found here. Congratulations to all contributors!

Peptides in chemical space

The Review article "Peptides in chemical space" was recently published in Medicine in Drug Discovery. The chemical space of peptides represents an extremely large reservoir of potentially bioactive compounds. Recent advances in computer hardware and software have led to a wide application

Stereorandomization as a Method to Probe Peptide Bioactivity

The research article "Stereorandomization as a method to probe peptide bioactivity" was just published in ACS Central Science. Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) is usually performed with optically pure building blocks to prepare peptides as single enantiomers. Herein we report that SPPS using