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SCS Fall Meeting 2021!


The SCS Fall Meeting 2021 will start from 10th September!

The chair of the morning session Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology Prof. Jean-Louis Reymond will give us a talk at 11 am!

More information:

>> Contributed Talks

1. Prof. Jean-Louis Reymond

Chair of SCS Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology (DMCCB): Activities 2021/22 and General Assembly 2021

2. Alice Capecchi

Topic: Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Machine Learning Guides the Design of Non-Hemolytic Antimicrobial Peptides

3. Amol Thakkar

Topic: Computational Chemistry
AI guided synthesis of the GDB Chemical Space

>> Virtual Poster

① Topic: Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Aline Carrel

Synthesis of new building blocks from the chemical universe database GDB

Dina Erzina

An immunomodulatory Peptide Dendrimer Inspired from Glatiramer Acetate

Elena Zakharova

Designing of new anticancer peptides using a Genetic Algorithm and Machine Learning

Céline Schuppisser

Discovery of new inhibitors of human divalent metal transporter hDMT and hZIP8 by fragment-based lead discovery from GDB17 database

Xingguang Cai

The Antimicrobial Activity of Peptide Dendrimers and Polymyxin B Increases Sharply Above pH 7.4

Hippolyte Personne

X-ray crystal structures of short mixed chirality α-helical antimicrobial peptides

② Topic: Computational Chemistry

David Kreutter

Predicting Enzymatic Reactions with a Molecular Transformer

Philippe Schwaller

Low-data regime yield predictions with uncertainty estimation using deep learning approaches