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Conference Report: Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2017 in Bern

The article Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2017 in Bern, Switzerland has been published in ChemMedChem.

The 2017 Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry (FiMC) conference, organized jointly by the German Chemical Society (GDCh; Karl-Heinz Baringhaus), the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG; Christa E. Müller), and the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCG; Yves Auberson, Jean-Louis Reymond), was held at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the University of Bern, February 12–15, 2017. While this conference has taken place every year since 2004 in a different city in Germany, this year it was held in Switzerland for the first time. The last FiMC meetings were held in Marburg (2015) and Bonn (2016), and the next conference will be held in Jena (Germany) in March 2018.

Authors: Daniel Probst, Marc Heitz, Marion Poirier, Bee Ha Gan, Clémence Delalande, Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Reymond