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ACS Fall 2021: Oral Presentation by Alice Capecchi

Don't miss the talk from Alice Capecchi at the ACS Fall 2021 meeting! It will take place on 23 August (Tomorrow Evening!) in a virtual room: [CINF] Division of Chemical Information Zoom Room 03.

You can find the program here:[]=221

Topic: Exploring microbial and plant natural products in the MAP4 chemical space.

We recently reported the MinHashed Atom-Pair fingerprint up to a radius of four bonds (MAP4) as a new type of molecular fingerprint suitable for big data settings applicable across very different molecule families spanning from small molecule drugs to complex natural products (NPs), peptides and oligonucleotides. Here we used MAP4 to analyze NPs in the recently reported NPAtlas and COCONUT (Collection of Open Natural Products database) databases, two recently reported public collections of NPs and NP-like molecules. We show that MAP4 organizes NPs in different structural families visible in a TMAP layout, enabling a global understanding of the database. These and other interactive MAP4 TMAPs can be found at Furthermore, we show that a support vector machine (SVM) classifier trained with MAP4 data can be used to classify NPs according to their plant, bacterial of fungal origin. These tools provide new opportunities to better understand the structural diversity of NPs.