Reymond Research Group

University of Bern

2021 RDKit User Group Meeting

RDKit UGM is going to take place this Thursday and Friday (Oct. 14 and 15)!
RDKit is an important Open-Source Cheminformatics and Machine Learning tool that has been frequently used in the cheminformatics field.

Amol Thakkar from our group will give us a talk:
Browser-based exploration of the GDB #chemical space using AI planned synthesis facilitates experimental engagement.

Former group members Daniel Probst and Mahendra Awale will give us talks there as well:

Daniel Probst:
RDKit-Powered Reaction Classification and Yield Prediction using the Differential Reaction Fingerprint DRFP

Mahendra Awale:
Modifying the Synthetic Accessibility Score to Identify Undesirable Virtual Compounds

Check more information here: