Reymond Research Group

University of Bern


Database Search Tools



Multi Fingerprint Browsers

APfp-Browsers for shape similarity search

Xfp-Browsers for pharmacophore similarity search

3D-APfp-Browsers for shape similarity search

3D-Xfp-Browsers for pharmacophore similarity search

Protein Related Browsers

  • PDB-Explorer for interactive visualization and similarity search of the RSCB Protein Databank in shape space

3D Visualizations

  • webDrugCS for an Interactive 3D-Visualization of DrugBank chemical space in the web browser
  • webMolCs for an Interactive 3D-Visualization of custom chemical spaces in the web browser
  • Faerun for an Interactive 3D-Visualization of SureChEMBL in the web browser

Target Prediction

Polypharmacology Browsers

  • PPB a polypharmacology browser for target prediction in ChEMBL

Interactive Visualization and Search Java-Applets

MQN Mapplets


Fragment Database FDB-17

Other Mapplets


Source Code